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BRLIGHTING Announced Its New 2019 Crystal Table Lamp Series

LogoBrilliant Home Lighting & Accessories Group, also known as BRLIGHTING, announced its new crystal lamp series called 'cut out a sky' in April 2019. The series has various innovative designs of table lamps, which reflect the experience and adaptability of the company.

Seaory Will Participate in the Seamless Asia 2019 in June

LogoSeaory, a leading card printer manufacturer, announced that it would be in the Seamless Asia 2019 Exhibition from 26 to 27 in June 2019. With its two newly developed desktop card printers, the company aims to showcase its research and development power to all the trade visitors.

DEWETRON Announces New Exhibition Shows for Spring 2019

May 7 – May 9 representatives from DEWETRON Germany will be in Stuttgart at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo. Join German COO @MichaelWellmann and see our new high speed power analyzer with PXI Express Bus Technology, DEWE3-PA8. Look for a larger than life, interactive model of the PA8 on the wall of our booth.

Nova Electric's New 120 VDC High-Power Jupiter-Series DC-AC Inverters Combine Robust Construction with Modern Features

LogoNova Electric's new Jupiter-Series 120 VDC High Power Pure Sinewave DC-AC Inverters are high-reliability power sources specifically designed for demanding military, heavy industrial, and commercial applications, meeting MIL-STD-810, MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-461, and other standards optionally. These units are deployed in countless high profile military programs aboard Naval ships, on satellite trailers, and mobile shelters, with a field-proven MTBF exceeding 100,000 hours. They are the choice for the world's leading defense contractors including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, DRS, BAE, all branches of the US Armed Forces, and US allied forces worldwide.

Drone Enthusiasts Can Shop for Knowledgeable Customer Service

LogoTroy is happy to announce the launch of his new online venture, Both children and adults alike are welcome to this one-stop shop for remote control devices, where quality and affordability come first. When it comes to RC cars, the website offers high-speed racing cars, crawlers, trucks and more so that customers can find any kind of vehicle that suits their passion. Customers can also shop a wide range of quadcopters for racing, filming and more, with a great array of features like point-flying, autopilot, real-time location tracking and no-fly zone detection. The variety of quadcopter parts available on the website makes it easy to make repairs and upgrade remote-control quadcopters as well.

Nova Electric's New Ultra-Lightweight NGLM Pure Sinewave DC-AC Inverters

LogoNova Electric's NGLM Series Pure Sinewave DC-AC Inverters accept standard inputs of 28, 48, 120, or 230 Volts DC nominal. They are offered in 3KVA, 4.5KVA and 6KVA output power, and output voltage is tightly regulated with less than 3% total harmonic distortion. The NGLM units are modular, with small footprints and flexible mounting configurations. The most popular 6KVA chassis measures only 17.75"L x 13"W x 8"H and weighs just 34 pounds. Input connection is typically via bus bars with terminal blocks for output, though circular MS-type connectors are available optionally. These inverters use field–proven, cutting edge IGBT-based high frequency switching technology to achieve very high MTBF, and very low mean time to repair.

Improve Security Around the Property with an Exquisite Range of Patura Electric Fencing Systems from Birkdale

LogoAn unrivalled supplier of gate and fencing accessories, Birkdale offers an exquisite range of Patura® electric fencing systems that help individuals to improve security around their properties. The system not only improves the security of the home, it also adds value to properties, whether they are commercial or residential. All of Birkdale Sales' fencing systems are manufactured using high grade materials incorporating the latest technologies and quality tested on various stringent parameters to ensure durability, strength and quality.

The Upcoming 125th Canton Fair, Lately, Has Triggered a Heated Debate

Molilock is about to attend the China Import and Export Fair, which will take place at Pazhou, Guangzhou on April, 15th.

The First of It's Kind Biometric Encryption USB Token with Crypto Wallet

LogoKeyXentic Inc., the developers of the Republic of China's (Taiwan) Citizen Digital E-Passport Smart Card, today introduced The KX906 KeyXentic Smart Token, a Biometric Encryption Token, and the world's first platform free multi-modal bio-authenticated certified secure encryption key which is aimed at individuals, professionals, and Cryptocurrency holders.

ZHCSolar Release MC Series MPPT RV Solar Battery Charger

LogoToday, ZHCSolar Solution Inc, a professional solar industry company specializing in MPPT charge controller and battery equalizer manufacturing, released MC MPPT RV Solar Battery Charger, an entirely new product line designed for RV solar power system. The MC RV Solar Charge Controller features the latest power catcher MPPT tracking technology with a peak conversion efficiency as high as 98%. This versatile MPPT controller is ideally suited for use in RV, camper, van, trailer, or boat solar system as well as the home off-grid solar system.

E-Marine Systems Offers the Best Quality Deep Cycle Marine Battery

LogoIrrespective of the locations, the right battery is imperative for an avid boater. The reason deep cycle marine battery is pretty much on demand is because of its utility. It is required for almost all types of boats, as the battery provides all direct and back-up power.

E-Marine Supplies Quality Marine Battery for the Boats

LogoEvery electrical system in every boat needs a battery, and every battery needs a battery wire. Marine battery wire is different from the battery wire used on the land. Insulation is perhaps the most crucial part of any marine wire.

JTT UAVs Assist Macau Customs for Anti-Illegal Immigration

LogoShenzhen JTT Technology Co., Ltd.(Shorted as JTT UAV), a leading industrial drone supplier and solution provider, was recently awarded for Macau customs UAV project. JTT UAV provided industrial drones (Model name: T60 v2) and professional UAV training for the officers. Once again, the company proves that JTT UAV has a strong strength in industrial applications, especially the maritime application.

DEWETRON Introduces New Product Line For 2019

Dewetron unveils their new product line for 2019 that features the new power analyzer which is housed in a chassis.

Vancouver Scanning Services Company Completes Two-Year Project with Global Mining Firm

LogoMicro Com Systems, a company that specializes in all types of Vancouver scanning services, recently wrapped up a two-year project with one of its largest and longest-running clients, a mining group involved in worldwide exploration, extraction, and processing.

Seattle Scanning Company Offers File Management Solutions

LogoAs a Seattle scanning company, the team at Micro Com Systems know that organizations today are overwhelmed with information. Important documents can arrive in many formats: email, electronic documents, and other digital forms. But paper-based documents still exist in large quantities and need to be dealt with.

Maritime Rescue Drill with JTT UAV in Macau

LogoIn order to strengthen the responding ability of maritime accidents, Macau maritime and water bureau with other related department held the "Maritime accident emergency responding drill in 2019" in Macau on Mar 6th,2019.

Linortek Launches Netbell®-NTG Next Generation Commercial Tone/Message Generator and Controller

LogoLinor Technology, Inc (Linortek), a solution provider in Internet of Things (IoTs) vertical markets, announced today the worldwide release of Netbell-NTG network tone/message generator. This innovative addition to the Netbell timed alert system line uses "Internet of Things" technology, to provide an all-in-one solution that can be used to play custom sounds for schools, factories, commercial businesses existing Public Address (PA) system to signal class changes, breaks, shift rotations, timer start and stop work, or for process monitoring, and other general alarms.

LED Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Solutions from Trusted Supplier in China is pleased to present a range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions for all types of residential, commercial and industrial applications. For those who are looking for reliable wholesale lighting solutions, this is the right place to be.

Sihu Rolled out a Brand New Oil Immersed SSVT

Sihu has lately launched a new kind of oil immersed station service voltage transformer, aiming to provide customers with a device that can transform the voltage, aiming to electrify measuring instruments and relay protection devices.

New Apple Accessories Added to Enapy Online Store

Enapy, the online distributor of device accessories and home and office products has added new Apple accessories to their store. Among the new additions is the Apple watch stands, solar charger for iPad's and more. These accessories are available on the company site and are available for purchase throughout the United States. The company is focusing on adding more products for the new year as they look to combine their selection of unique and innovative products, with those that also are in high demand to the public.

Voxello Launches Equity Crowdfunding to Roll out Medical Technology Designed to Enhance Patient-Provider Communication

LogoSince the time of Hippocrates, a core component of medical treatment has been doctor-patient communication. The cliché question of "Where does it hurt?" never had the mute patient in mind. Recent statistics document nearly four million patients who were simply incapable of communication one way or another. This frustration inflicts a very different kind of pain and suffering; the frustration of a patient who has thoughts and feelings and much to say about "where it hurts" or how they feel in general but cannot convey this vital information to physicians and other healthcare providers.

ElectroMenu Is Proud to Build Secure and Reliable Digital Menus

LogoElectroMenu builds the world's most secure and reliable digital menus. ElectroMenu systems are used in restaurants, theaters, supermarkets, and other businesses across the United States. Their digital signs are also a popular choice for military and government locations.

Imagine Marine Offers the Active Captain App

LogoImagine Marine announces the addition of the Active Captain App to their suite or offerings, including free consultation on the use of the app whether or not a customer has purchased it from Imagine Marine.

MISTRAS, a One-Source Inspection and Maintenance Service Provider

MISTRAS Group is Canada's premier asset protection solutions provider. MISTRAS' full suite of asset protection solutions specializes in integrating non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections, maintenance services, and at-height and subsea access strategies so that their clients' critical infrastructure remains operable, reliable, predictable, and consistent.