Latest News Offers LED Bulbs and LED Spots and New Range of LED Lasts About 40% Longer

MrPerfect is aware of the importance of right lighting not just in homes but also in commercial offices to set the right mood and motivation. Therefore, they cater to a vast range of LED lighting options.

IMET Corporation President Tom Krol Speaks at Nearshoring Panel in Bucks County, PA

IMET Corporation, based in Bucks County, PA, is the region's leading provider for printed circuit assembly and the manufacture of other electronics devices for companies' proprietary products. Their dedication to finding the best product solutions and providing high quality products with quick delivery turnaround means that they have bucked the offshoring trend in favor of nearshoring and hiring regional talent for their manufacturing needs.

Driving in the Dark Becomes Safer with Hella Driving Lights from 12 Volt Technology

LogoPlanning a night out can be unsafe for those who don't have a proper lighting system in their automobiles. Having a proper lighting system greatly reduces the risk of accidents by helping individuals in driving through rough weather conditions at night. For making this night out journey risk-free for these individuals, 12 Volt Technology is providing Hella Jumbo 220 Series 100W Light at highly reduced prices. This Hella driving light has dimensions 166 (mm) x 242 (mm) x 92 (mm) and brightness of 100W, making it an adequate lighting source during late night driving. Previously priced at $189.90, individuals can now purchase Hella Jumbo 220 Series 100W Light for just $149.94 from the sale which is now on at This exceptional Hella driving light is equipped with colour chrome and has an output power of 100 watts. Individuals seeking driving lights for their automobiles can count on this Hella light for an appropriate lighting solution for night driving. Takes on the Valuable Contribution of the 3D Printing Technology in Pre-Surgical Planning for Fatal Organ Transplants

LogoThe world has absolutely become modern and technologically advanced with the coming of the digital era. These revolutionary global changes are all over the news introducing the latest developments and inventions in all sorts of different things. One of the most trending innovative discoveries that have influenced even the most sensitive industries of all is the discovery and improvement of the 3D printing technology.

II-VI Marlow Announces Availability of Metallized Ceramic Manufacturing Services

LogoII-VI Marlow, world leader in thermoelectric technology, today announced the availability of prototype-to-production metallized ceramic manufacturing services that deliver enhanced reliability and mechanical strength. Takes on the 3D Printing Technology and Its Impact on All Other Industries

LogoThe 3D printing is one of the hottest discoveries that created a great impact especially in the world of manufacturing and the health industry. Consequently, the 3D printing market is one of the hottest and booming businesses all over the world which prompted a lot more companies to jump into the bandwagon and produce consumer-centric innovative 3D printers Australia. Some of the best 3D printers that have been released in the market this year amount to about $ 1200 up to over $ 3000. The 3D technology was once just a small concept in the prototyping industry but is now becoming a huge phenomenon based on the demands from consumers.

EDR Inc./VSholding LLC Introduces 900 VDC / 9.5 kW 10 Ns Rise Time Full-Bridge ISO-Drivers for a High-Power Piezoelectric Transducers and Piezo-Horns

LogoElectronic Design and Research, Inc., the leader in Solid-State Modules, announced availability of up to 900 VDC High-Speed Full-Bridge Isolated Drivers for applications where delivering kilowatts of high-frequency power is a must, such as a voltage booster to piezoelectric transducers and DC/DC converters, bidirectional PWM control, etc. Families of EDR made H-drivers offer a low cost reliable option for a wide variety of applications like DC and stepper motor drivers for robots and 2D and 3D-tables, piezo horn drivers, voltage boosters, etc.

Website Brings Free Online Circuit Simulator for Electronics Projects

EasyEDA brings a web based tool to quickly draw schematics and PCB layouts for an electronics project. This free tool doesn't require any installation and one can quickly share the drawings or designs with others for a fast accomplishment of an electronics project. The tool suite with a powerful schematic capture and resourceful libraries makes the task of designing PCB layouts simple and more inventive.

Shenzhen Xinreal Technology Offers a Range of LED Switching Power Supplies

The LED switching power supplies have varied applications in a range of areas. It may be selected for a particular application owing to its input range tolerance, size, height, and other features. Shenzhen Xinreal TechnologyCo. Ltd, started off in 2005 is a high tech company which specializes in offering switch power supply solutions. The eco friendly and high reliability products of the company have a growing demand in the international market. Some of its products are suitable with radio, computers, and CCTVs along with auto recovery protection features.

EasyEDA Offers EDA Services for Various Electronic Projects

Often preserving a design idea spells complication for designers. Electronic designs may bring complexities for both seasoned engineers and first timers. Sharing a prototype with clients can be the need of the hour. EasyEDA is an initiative by a group of engineers with a passion for electric design. It is basically free software for creation of electronic circuit schematic and simulate. The PCB design tool is well built to integrate powerful schematic structure and mixed mode circuit stimulation in a seamless cross platform browser environment. It caters to the need of people from different professions including hobbyist, students, educators and electronic engineers.

Shenzhen Xinreal Technology Co., Sells Specialized LED Electronic Products for Having Efficient Power Supply

Good quality LED power supply products are essential for smooth running of electronic products at home. One must make sure that they buy the products from a professional company that has experience in manufacturing these products. Before buying the products the users must make a proper research on the experience of the company and their reputation in this field. A proper look at their products and testimonials of previous customers can provide to be very helpful in the research. One of the companies selling switching power supply products are Shenzhen Xinreal Technology Co., Ltd.

The IMET Corporation Now Provides Electronic Contract Manufacturing from Their U.S. Facility

Making and buying American products is a key factor in keeping America's economy alive. The IMET Corporation understands this concept, offering the finest in printed circuit board assembly, electrical engineering and comprehensive design for manufacturability. They are offering full electronic contract manufacturing services from their state-of-the-art U.S. facility.

China Company Introduces Switch Power Supply & LED Power Supply for Rainproof Outside Use

Shenzhen Xinreal Technology Company specializes in the development of high performance switch power supply that can be used in a variety of industries. They now focus on an exclusive waterproof seal design that makes these power supplies work properly, even in rainy and humid conditions. These high quality and environment-friendly products are now setting a new trend in the research and development of power supply switches.

Switch Mode Power Supply – A New "Unconventional" Design Launched by CET Technology

LogoA typical Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) or switching supply has an input of ~120VAC to 240VAC and outputs a low DC voltage of say 5, 12 or 24V.  Recently, a major fire & security hardware manufacturer approached CET for a more "unconventional" supply that had a low input voltage of 24VAC and required high current, 2.5 amps at 5VDC output.  Unconventional, because most switching power supplies do not run in such low AC input voltage.

12 Volt Technology Offers Fusion Marine Stereo MS-UD650

Logo12 Volt Technology is known Australia wide for providing premium brand quality electronics. The New Fusion MS-UD650 Marine Stereo with Black and White Face is the latest addition to the Fusion Marine product line up.

Chinese Technology Making It Easy for the World to Get Electronic Printed Circuit Boards

When it comes to the proper utility of the electronic gadgets, the use of the electronic printed circuit boards comes at the forefront. Now, in almost every electronic gadgets these circuit boards are seen. They are used because of their unique designs as well as good quality. Along with time, as it is surveyed, in the last 10 years the invention of the electronic machines and gadgets have increased to a substantial level and therefore the use of these printed electronic circuit boards is also going high.

Seekas Comes Up with Its Innovative Range of Gadgetized Lifestyle Products

Innovation has helped in bringing unique products that help in creating improved equipment for houses as well as offices. People love to take the advantage of these innovative products and use them for various aspects of life. The gadgetized products include the Bluetooth pillows, Bluetooth caps, mini speakers and much more. All these products are available through the online store of the company at cost effective rates.

12 Volt Technology Offers Fusion Marine Stereo MS-UD750

LogoFusion Electronics design and develop top quality Marine Stereos for Boats, RV's and Caravans. If you are looking for a high quality product that is capable of playing your iPod through its state-of-the-art Internal Uni Dock then the Fusion MS-UD750 is something that needs to be explored.

American Organization Features Extensive Contract Electronics Manufacturing Services

Every year, individuals and organizations seek the IMET Corporation for their top notch reputation in electronics engineering and contract electronics manufacturing. IMET is now announcing their availability to provide extensive contract electronics manufacturing services to clientele nationwide, including electronics engineering and product development.

Get Waeco CDF35 Pack 12 Volt Fridge/Freezer from 12 Volt Technology at Reduced Prices

LogoThe importance of refrigerators can never be undervalued. Today, no one even bothers to google this technological product because of its wide popularity and utilization at several households, offices and other establishments. Keeping this in view, 12 Volt Technology has now provided Waeco CDF35 Pack 12 Volt Fridge/Freezer for sale. Individuals looking for reliable refrigeration product can purchase this Waeco Fridge for just $639.95 through the company's official online store, Previously priced at $699.90, individuals can now save $59.95 on this refrigerator. on Revolutionizing 3D Printers and Its Limitless Possibilities and Risks

LogoThe world has truly been revolutionized with all the technological advancements at an absolutely rapid pace. The unearthing of various innovative scientific discoveries has provided limitless possibilities, and time will come that not a thing man could think of will be impossible. The internet, being one of the best inventions of man makes everything almost achievable; almost having the world at the palm of the human hand. Another of man's latest discoveries are the 3D Printers that could truly transform how things can be created, from simple tools and spare parts to human organs that actually perform their functions.

12 Volt Technology Offers LANCE 140MM 75W 12V on Sale

LogoIn order to maintain their position as one of the finest suppliers of 12V electrical products, 12 Volt Technology is now offering Lightforce LANCE 140MM 75W 12V on sale. Customers can now purchase this single light for just $139.95 and save up to $29.95. Lightforce offers individuals in customizing the color and beam pattern as per the driving conditions. The other lights that the company has offered for sale are Lance 75W Complete Kit, Lance 140mm 35W HID 12V - Twin Pack, Lance 35W HID Complete Kit and many others.

First Look at Arc Machine's New M217 Orbital Welding Power Supply

LogoArc Machines (AMI) in Pacoima, Ca. has long been a market leader in the field of orbital welding. Beginning with the Model 107 fusion tube welder in 1979, and the Model 207 in 1989, AMI set the industry standard for reliable commercial orbital fusion welding systems for over 30 years. Because of their simple robust designs, ease of use, and ability to consistently deliver quality welds, AMI has owned the lion’s share of the orbital welding market.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Offering Quality Electronics

LogoVivien Small is pleased to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a broad assortment of different electronics and electronic accessories such as tablets, camera accessories, GPS systems, video game consoles, smartphones, wearable technology, and laptops. Small was inspired to start her website since she knew that these items are items that people need in today's technological world. People of all ages can use these items in both professional and personal applications.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Offering Quality Electronics

LogoHarold White is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide range of electronics for personal and home use including vehicle electronics, video projectors, computers, computer accessories, wearable technology, GPS systems, home audio, cell phones, and much more. White was inspired to start his website by his desire to offer products that customers would use as part of their daily lives.