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ZHUHUI LIGHTING CO., LTD Offers Battery Christmas Lights in Different Styles for Home Decoration

ZHUHUI LIGHTING CO., LTD, a renowned manufacturer of Christmas lights in the country, offers a wide selection of one-of-a-kind battery-operated Christmas lights in different styles for easy home decoration. Available at the most competitive prices, these battery-operated lights are sure to enhance the appearance of any home on Christmas night, thereby gaining everyone's attention. All of these battery-powered Christmas lights are designed with fine materials employing the latest technological tools, are quality-tested on several parameters for optimum performance, and are approved by Certification of CE/EMC/ROHS to ensure the highest quality. Great for Christmas, these battery-operated lights are entrancing and beautiful.

Rayming Manufactures High-Quality PCBs for Various Industries

A printed circuit board or PCB plays an important role in the production of different commercial and industrial products of the highest standard. There are many agencies that are involved in manufacturing and exporting such circuit boards in distinct patterns to address the distinct needs of the clients across the world. Rayming Technology is one such company which is specialized in producing and supplying unique variety of PCBs that are widely used in computers, power supplies, communications, optoelectronics, industrial instruments, automobile, and other consumer electronics. It is equipped with latest measurement techniques and processing equipments like AOI Tester, high precision CNC drilling machines, Flying Probe Testers etc, in order to meet the wide range of demand of customers in the market.

Hitiled Launches Xspace LED Display, a New Creative Product, Into the Market

LogoXspace is a lightweight mesh product that has all the advantages of transparency and ease of handling, but with an extra benefit.

Hitiled Debuted Its Latest LED Screen of Pixel Pitch of 0.9mm

LogoHoused in Hitiled's 54-inch cabinet, the 0.9mm screen allows for a 720p resolution in a single LED cabinet. The company plans to begin production on the 0.9mm screen soon.

High Quality LED Lighting Products from Luminhome

Luminhome Lighting, one of the largest LED light manufacturers in China is pleased to offer a plethora of LED lighting options that can be used in different areas both commercial and residential (which includes a wide range of outdoor and indoor lighting options such as LED Street light, LED Flood light, LED High bay light, LED Tube light, LED bulb and many others). The company is known for manufacturing, producing and distributing only qualified products. The quality of the lighting offered here is incomparable. It is because the process that is specifically followed here is flawless, right from the selection of raw material to the technology and equipment that is used in production by highly skilled workers.

Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co., LTD Is Experienced in Producing Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

There are many areas in the world that receive low sunlight which isn't sufficient for activating normal photosynthesis in plants or don't have enough daylight hours that can cause healthy growth and development of plants. Plants, shrubs, and trees that don't receive the sunlight needed for all round growth have elongated and spindly stems as well as appear discolored. So, appropriate lighting is crucial for promoting holistic growth, apart from good top soil and routine watering. Grow lights work as near perfect substitutes for sunlight helping one to pursue home gardening as a hobby or facilitating holding of flower shows and installing greenhouses. Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co., LTD is a renowned firm that is committed to producing superior quality of LED grow lights.

Local Tampa Female Entrepreneur Making Headway in Drone Industry

Shaina Ortiz, the CEO and Founder of both Device Savers, a full-service electronics repair, and technology support company, as well as Legion Drones, an all-inclusive drone based repair, distribution, and education entity. Shaina is carving out an avant-garde name for herself as both the first women and minority business owner heading up an all-encompassing drones-based business.

Wistex II, LLC. Educates Readers on Surge Protectors and Soft Starters

LogoWistex II, LLC. is a leading provider of electrical components and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) services in Bucks County, PA. The company has a customer-first mentality that intends to provide its clients with exceptional services that meet and exceed their expectations every time. From their vast array of devices to their cost-effective pricing and free ground shipping, Wistex II, LLC. goes above and beyond to provide a paramount experience all orders of any size. They release a monthly blog that entertains and educates readers about their suite of services and products. In their latest release, the company breaks down the benefits of industrial surge protectors and soft starters.

Travler Launches Tripod Mountable Rugged GoPro Case on Kickstarter

Travler, the brand that brought the original leather camera case for GoPro cameras last year, is back with a new product and proud to announce its launch on KickStarter. The company has developed a tripod mountable rugged silicone case to protect the GoPro Hero 5 for adventure seekers everywhere.

PatrolScan TouchProbe Makes Data Collection Easy for Security Personnel

LogoPatrolScan has provided the security industry with advanced security equipment since 1993. Their complete guard tour systems include the innovative TouchProbe device. The unique device allows security professionals to easily and accurately collect data from checkpoints on the tour. It is convenient both for security guards and their supervisors.

Circuits Unlimited, Inc. Celebrates 15th Year of Service

LogoCircuits Unlimited, Inc., the premier manufacturer of flexible circuit boards in the South Bay, ushers in 2017 by celebrating their 15th year of service. Circuits Unlimited provides a wide variety of flexible electronic assemblies designed to customers' specifications. They take pride in the fact that all their products are manufactured in the USA.

Sky Electronic Co., Ltd Is a Specialized Manufacturer of High-Quality Plotters

The use of plotter is gaining widespread popularity all over the world. This machine helps to obtain flawless graphic images and engineering drawings within short period of time. There are many companies that are offering plotting machines of different types as per the requirements of clients. Sky Electronic Co., Ltd is one such agency that offers superior-grade plotters of different configurations. These devices are capable to deliver seamless and flawless performance of highest standard under all conditions. The company has its own development team that supervises each and every phase of production with extreme attention to minute details. It always strives to upgrade the performance of these machines with the help of latest technology to meet future demands quite successfully.

Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co., LTD Is a Prime Producer of Different Kinds of LED Grow Lights

Hydroponic gardening has long been popular in those climes where the total number of daylight hours is just not enough for the healthy and holistic growth of flower, fruit or vegetable bearing plants. Hydroponic gardening can also be explored by those with a passion for horticulture or soil gardening. There are some distinct advantages that hydroponics has over the traditional form of farming which anybody passionate about gardening can take advantage of. For instance, one can grow different varieties of plants by stacking up several layers of beds in a small area leading to more efficient use of the available space. Amongst the different items or implements an individual needs for promoting hydroponic gardening, one specific component without which this form of horticulture cannot be conducted is LED grow lights.

Business and Leisure Travelers Value the Travel Accessories from Orei Travel

Whether traveling for business or traveling for pleasure, a common worry of any international traveler is what power adapters might be needed in the destination country, and where can high quality, reliable travel adapter be purchased. With over fifteen years of international electronics retail experience, Orei Travel offers a complete line of high quality, affordable travel accessories, including compact and efficient power adapters for most countries around the world.

Solar Light Company, Inc. Solarmeter 6.5 UV Index Meter Recently Featured in Online Magazine

LogoSolar Light Company, Inc. is pleased to announce that their Solarmeter brand 6.5 UV Index Meter was recently featured in an online article for REPTILES Magazine. The article titled, "An In-Depth Look At UV Light And Its Proper Use With Reptiles," was written by Frances M. Baines, M.A., VetMB, MRCVS. Dr. Baines has spent over a decade researching specialist lighting, including ultraviolet lighting, and how it affects amphibians, reptiles, and most recently, invertebrates, birds, and mammals.

RayMing Tech Announces to Provide PCB Copy for Electronics Industry Focusing on PCB Reverse Engineering

With their expertise and thorough research on the core technology related to the high-end electronics products, RayMing Tech specializes in supplying effective and fast solutions, using reverse engineering technology. The company focuses on customer-centric innovations and delivers timely solutions for the design and development of cutting-edge electronic components.

21st Annual Components for Military & Space Electronics Conference & Exhibition Takes Place April 11-13

The CMSE Conference, Training and Exhibition promotes new technology and advancements in electronic components for use in military and space electronic systems. The DoD and NASA continue to emphasize the use of commercial electronics, where suitable, to drive down procurement and life cycle cost of military/aerospace systems. Many new components are only available as advanced PEMS and COTS. This conference focuses on how to successfully incorporate these new technologies into the harsh environments of military and space systems, which often require ten or twenty year mission life.

Unicol's Adaptawall Exceeds Client Expectations with Array of Advanced Features

Unicol is the name that comes to mind when it comes to unique, innovative audio-visual support products and displays. And now, with the Adaptawall, Unicol, once again, does not disappoint.

12 Volt Technology Offers Branded Fridge Freezers for Sale

Logo12 Volt Technology, a one-stop destination for 12 volt products, offers branded fridge freezers for sale. Ranging from Waeco to Bushman, the wide selection of branded fridge freezers they have in their stock includes Waeco CFX28 Portable Fridge, Waeco CoolMatic CRX 50 Fridge Freezer, Vitrifrigo C60i 12V or 24V Fridge Freezer, Bushman 61L 3 Way Chest Fridge Freezer, and many others. All of these fridge freezers have been manufactured with high quality materials, and quality tested on rigorous parameters to ensure customers don't need to compromise with the quality of the products. Perfect for caravans, motorhomes, buses, trucks, and boats, these fridge freezers are sure to keep food and beverages fresh for a longer time, while going out for a picnic or for spending quality time with family in outdoors.

Experienced Electronic Repair Center Shares Tips on Buying Used Electronics

LogoBuying used electronics can save a lot of money. However, without taking certain precautions, it can cause many folks to wish they had spent the extra money to just buy a brand new piece of equipment in the first place. This isn't to say sellers are always trying to get one over on their customers, but rather that sometimes problems with an electronic may simply be unknown. Before purchasing used industrial electronics, ACS Industrial Services, Inc. has some simple recommendations.

Eco-Friendly Wooden Electronic Accessories from is pleased to offer an exquisite range of wooden electronic accessories and wood holders for laptops, phones, keyboards, tablets and PCs. These electronic accessories are 100% natural and all of them are made up of eco-friendly material. These wooden accessories offer extreme functionality. The accessories related to laptops, PCs and Tablets are ergonomically designed so as to minimize neck pressure if any and provide relief from visual fatigue. For instance, the wooden stand for laptops and notebooks help users with an improved sitting and standing postures by offering additional comfort for back, neck and shoulder.

Sacramento Battery Store, Battery Bill, Inc., Celebrates 70th Anniversary in 2017

The team at Battery Bill, Inc., is celebrating their 70th year of service in 2017. For more than half a century, the family owned company has offered a comprehensive selection of batteries, battery services, and battery accessories. Battery Bill, Inc., proudly serves the Sacramento and Stockton markets in Northern California.

Wistex II, LLC, Emphasizes Increased Accessibility in 2017

LogoWistex II, LLC, is a premier electrical distribution company that prides itself on quick turnaround times, accurate quotes and high-quality components such as VFD parts for sale online. After a highly successful year, the business is looking forward and setting ambitious organizational goals for 2017.

Unicol's Led Displays Assembled on-Site Provide Quick and Easy Solutions for Clients

Unicol continues to be a leading player in LED display solutions, and its LED display mounting structures prove to be the right choice for customers looking for bespoke products that can easily adapt to their precise requirements.

12 Volt Technology Offers Technologically Advanced Vitrifrigo Fridges with Modern Aesthetic Style

LogoA renowned 12V products provider in the country, 12 Volt Technology, offers a comprehensive selection of Vitrifrigo Fridges at comparatively lower prices. The company has in the stock Vitrifrigo Fridges in a variety of models, with numerous advanced features. Designed with the latest technology, the Vitrifrigo range of fridges offers style and sophistication along with functionality, practicality and quality to any caravan, bus, motorhome, RV or boat. The Vitrifrigo Fridges comes equipped with the new Airlock closure system that allows an easier access to the end users, while preventing unwanted openings. Being a reputable name in the industry, the wide range of Vitrifrigo Fridges that they provide meet the highest quality standards and best suits the needs of each of their customers.