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Challenges Facing the G700 Flashlight – Local Defense and Global Market Offense

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Updated 10:15 AM CDT, Mon, June 06,2016

St. Charles, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2016 -- TheG700Flashlight is a premium licensed partner of the Lumitact Inc., doing retail, wholesale and internet sales in the North American Market for the past 5 months. After their establishing as a leading supplier of the G700 flashlight United States and Canada, the company started to place and promote the G700 Lumitact Flashlight worldwide.

However, the company is facing serious competition issues on the US market. Most from straight, licensed competitors, but from illegal replica manufacturers as well.

Ever since the company reinvented the flashlight as multipurpose, carry-around tool, this market became very attractive for all types of sellers and manufacturers.

Company officers state the following for the record: "We are constantly fighting counterfeit sellers that sell cheap, low-quality replicas of our products, and we are doing so for the past 2 years. Although we are taking some damage, the people that get fooled by such false claims are fewer by the day, and in terms of sales, the counterfeiters can't get a serious sales volumes of their operations. However, the recent developments were a serious violation of our trademark, patents and copyrights, and at the moment, we are in a real war with a ghost company that apparently, can and will continue to promote, advertise and sell illegitimate products – until the institutions and government officials' step in, and put a stop to this once and for all"

Competing Flashlight Products Overview

Lumitact G700 – The real deal

TheG700Flashlight sells the famous Lumitact G700 – the first military grade tactical flashlight that was introduced to the US market.

The technology of the product is highly sophisticated and advanced. The LED chip that the G700 uses produces incredible 700 lumens, and is capable of operating under 5 modes: High, Medium, Low, SOS and Strobe.

Waterproof, pocket size, and indestructible body, made from aircraft grade carbonized aluminum. There is also a high quality, non-dimmable zooming lens protected by a sharp bezel strong enough to cut and hit trough anything.

The low energy consumption of the LED technology used, makes the G700 one of the most durable flashlight with up to 72 hours of operation time with a single battery set, and a guaranteed led chip durability of over 100,000 hours.

ShadowHawk X800 – Innovative product by a legit competitor

This is one of the first competitor products that followed G700's example, and after production for the US Army and Private Military Contractors, started selling to the public.

Claims having 800 lumens produced by a LED chip, not much different than the one used in the G700. The tough body is aluminum, smoothly designed, and as army requires, light-weight and pocket size. Besides the many similarities in the body design and features, the X800 is not water resistant.

Due to the higher energy consumption, the X800 Shadowhawk Flashlight can stand up to 24 hours of operation time with 1 battery set, while it guarantees an operation time of 60.000+ hours.

"Although the X800 is gaining a great popularity and a considerable market share from the flashlight niche, such competition is healthy for the market, and for ourselves, with it constantly promoting innovation and progressive development." – says theG700Flashlight team.

Alumitact X700 – A counterfeit replica of the G700

Although the company Alumitact claims to have purchased the tech and design patents rights from Lumitact, the team behind the success of the G700, reveals 'The truth about Alumitact X700 Military-Grade Tactical Led Flashlight'.

Experts believe that the led chip the X700 uses is only a cheap low quality replica that can produce 100 lumens at its best, last for not more than 6 hours, and get broken or severely damaged from a regular drop or hit.

Tracing the routes of the X700 origins, it is reported that it is manufactured in China for no more than $5 a piece, and that Alumitact is trying to make a profit by piggybacking on the great reputation, popularity and success of the G700 flashlights.

"We started receiving complaints about trouble with X700 flashlights" the G700 team states, "Once we figured out what was going on, we had beliefs that this intrusion is only a temporary problem. However, this is continuing to damage our brand, reputation and market success for more than 2 months now, and until this is resolved, we will continue to urge the authorities and government officials to help us in the fight with counterfeit goods, copyrights and patents violation".

Market opportunities

At the moment, The G700 Flashlight was able to arrange a fast delivery network system that allows worldwide sales. The price of the product is equivalent to $56 USD in the local currency, and includes free shipping, plus occasional freebies and gifts.

In some countries such as the United Kingdom, additional tax was required to be added to the price.

Also, due to undisclosed terms and policies, TheG700Flashlight team is not allowed to distribute the products in Germany (a high demand market, currently being tackled only by the Shadowhawk X800) and Russia.

With the brand and system establishing on the global market, theG700Flashlight team is looking forward to introduce more Lumitact products both on the local and on the global markets.

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