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Downlights Direct Offers More Extensive Selection of LED Downlights from Different Brands

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Updated 3:15 AM CDT, Fri, June 30,2017

Rochdale, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2017 -- Downlights are becoming increasingly popular for various lighting needs. And at Downlights Direct, customers can easily find what they are looking for – be it a specific brand, a type of downlight, additional features, and more.

As Downlights Direct itself reiterates, "LED downlights are the most advanced type of downlights available, providing the clearest and brightest lighting effect and using the lowest amount of energy in the process. We have a large selection on offer from the UK's leading brands. We stock a vast range of high quality professional LED downlights. Why buy cheap unbranded LED downlights when you can buy trusted brands like Aurora or Halers for the same price?"

Yes, as Downlights Direct already knows, whilst downlights may be readily available most anywhere, not all of these downlights are as trustworthy and as efficient as branded downlights. Branded downlights, such as those manufactured by Aurora, Halers, JCC, and more, are made according to strict standards and requirements, and are fully tested to determine their compliance with industry regulations. And for customers who may be concerned about their more expensive price, this is where Downlights Direct comes in. Since Downlights Direct has partnered with some premier brands when it comes to downlights, it can easily offer these branded downlights at more affordable and competitive prices. More often than not, customers can even avail of additional discounts due to Downlights Direct's frequent sales as well.

For those who may be thinking that Downlights Direct may not have a broad selection, they should think again. Downlights Direct actually has one of the most extensive choices when it comes to LED downlights, as customers will immediately see when they visit the page on Downlights Direct. At the downlights page, customers can browse through a wide array of downlights from different manufacturers, and all of these downlights are also available at lower prices than one can find elsewhere.

Customers can also make it easier on themselves by opting to search by downlight category, and this includes categories such as fire rated downlights, insulation coverable downlights & covers, GU10 downlights, IP65 and IP44 downlights, and different downlight types such as studio & square downlights, surface-mounted downlights, shallow downlights, glass downlights, plaster downlights, and colour-changing downlights. One example of a popular downlight at Downlights Direct is the Aurora E5 Fire Rated LED Downlight (4.5W), which is also IP65. This downlight is preferred by the professionals and experts for various reasons, most notably for its low consumption of energy (only 4.5 Watts) and its compact size which can easily fit into the tightest of spaces on the ceiling.

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