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EDR Inc./VSholding LLC Introduces 900 VDC / 9.5 kW 10 Ns Rise Time Full-Bridge ISO-Drivers for a High-Power Piezoelectric Transducers and Piezo-Horns

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Updated 3:49 PM CDT, Tue, October 13,2015

Up to 900 VDC / up to 8 kW High-Speed H-drivers designed for wide variety of applications like DC and stepper motor drivers for robots and 2D and 3D-tables, piezoelectric transducers and piezo horn drivers, voltage boosters, etc.

Louisville, KY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2015 -- Electronic Design and Research, Inc., the leader in Solid-State Modules, announced availability of up to 900 VDC High-Speed Full-Bridge Isolated Drivers for applications where delivering kilowatts of high-frequency power is a must, such as a voltage booster to piezoelectric transducers and DC/DC converters, bidirectional PWM control, etc. Families of EDR made H-drivers offer a low cost reliable option for a wide variety of applications like DC and stepper motor drivers for robots and 2D and 3D-tables, piezo horn drivers, voltage boosters, etc.

Assembled in a 1.95"W X 3.95"L X 1.2"H aluminum die casting, panel-mounted enclosure, H7G900D5 and H7G900D10 are capable of delivering up to 4.5 kW (30 kW pulse) and 9.5 kW (80 kW pulse) respectively, with a highest frequency to 250 KHz, and low as 400 ns pulses. Drivers require only 5 VDC or 12 VDC for the internal logic. Three essential controls, Direction, Brake, and Enable (as PWM input), are CMOS/TTL compatible. H-drivers employ Si-CFET N-Channel Technology with intelligent gate drive design, resulting in an extremely high efficiency. We rate all of our devices without considering an external heat sink, thus removing possible confusion while selecting a proper device. Our devices have been good candidates for energy efficient applications, while PWM abilities support enhanced design flexibility and precision control.

The cost of an H-driver depends on the model. For example, p/n EDR83205/2/3 or H7G900D4/5/12 (900V/4.7 Amps) costs $336.40 ea/250, and p/n EDR83207/3 or H7G900D10/5/12 (900 VDC/10 A) costs $396.03 ea/100. Inquiry to: info@vsholding.com

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