Expert Electrical Now Offers Wider Range of Circuit Breakers from Chint

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Updated 3:45 AM CST, Thu, January 11,2018

Rochdale, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/11/2018 -- Circuit breakers, especially miniature circuit breakers, are an essential part of any electrical system. A supplier such as Expert Electrical is all too aware of this, and this is why it has expanded its offerings when it comes to Chint circuit breakers of all kinds.

Expert Electrical has acquired a good number of UK customers over the years, and it continues to draw more customers who appreciate its high quality product selection and its low prices. For anyone looking for any kind of electrical part or component, Expert Electrical is a reliable source.

But amongst the range of products available and on offer at Expert Electrical, including fuses, cables, metal and plastic enclosures, switches and sockets, isolators, commercial lighting products, industrial plugs and sockets, motor control gear, and more, the collection of Chint circuit breakers are now broader and more extensive. One of the more popular products on the Expert Electrical roster is the Chint miniature circuit breaker, which is available starting from the price of £2.71, which already includes VAT. Chint miniature circuit breakers are available as single pole, double pole, triple pole, and four-pole units, and customers can also choose amongst a variety of amps, from 1 amp to 63 amp. The miniature circuit breakers from Chint also come with a guarantee of 3 years.

Another popular Chint product is the Chint range of EBG single pole circuit breakers, which can be purchased in different amps, from 6 amp to 10 amp, 16 amp, 20 amp, 32 amp, and 40 amp. Expert Electrical says more about the product: "Chint EBG (formally UB type) single pole circuit breakers are only available in single pole, B type and with the most popular current ratings. They are a more cost effective option to the NB1 range." They are designed to be used with consumer units manufactured by Chint, but they can also be used as stand-alone devices.

Expert Electrical also offers Chint high current circuit breakers, which come with current ratings of 80 amp, 100 amp, and 125 amp. As Expert Electrical confirms, "Unlike MCBs (miniature circuit breakers) the Chint high current circuit breakers are available in current ratings of 63 to 125 amps. They are physically wider in size at 27mm wide meaning they won't fit inside Chint consumer units or distribution boards. For higher rated circuit breakers check out our range of MCCBs (moulded case circuit breakers)."

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