Miniature Circuit Breakers Much Better Than Traditional Fuses, Expert Electrical Reveals

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Updated 4:15 AM CDT, Fri, June 30,2017

Rochdale, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2017 -- Amongst the many different electro-mechanical innovations in recent years, the miniature circuit breaker stands out for various reasons of its own. And for those who are still hesitant about replacing fuses with MCBs, Expert Electrical offers some important answers.

Fuses have long been used for the enhanced protection and safety of electrical circuits and systems, as well as electrical appliances, but nowadays, another type of device is fast taking its place, especially when it comes to low-voltage networks: the miniature circuit breaker.

Miniature circuit breakers offer plenty of advantages over traditional fuses, as Expert Electrical confirms. For one, Expert Electrical explains, the miniature circuit breaker is ultimately more sensitive and receptive to electrical currents compared to the regular fuse. The MCB is able to quickly and easily detect any fault or abnormality when it comes to the flow of electrical current, and once it detects a fault, it can quickly switch off or break the electrical circuit.

Another reason why MCBs are much better than fuses, Expert Electrical adds, is that they can easily identify any fault areas or zones in the circuit. If there is a fault or abnormality, the MCB trips the circuit and turns it 'off' whilst with the fuse one has to manually check the wiring by opening the grip of the fuse in order to confirm the faulty area.

Also, with an MCB, once the problem has been fixed and addressed, the electrical supply can be easily resumed by simply pushing the MCB's knob back on (as opposed to 'off'). But with the fuse, before the electrical supply can be resumed, the entire wire has to be replaced first. There's yet another advantage to the miniature circuit breaker compared to the fuse: it can be re-used again and again, whilst the fuse, once it interrupts a current or supply, will be damaged and will need replacing.

Customers who are looking for miniature circuit breakers should be wary, however, of purchasing unbranded products. That's why Expert Electrical sources its miniature circuit breakers from only the most trusted manufacturers, such as Chint. Chint miniature circuit breakers are a popular item on the Expert Electrical website, as Expert Electrical explains further: "The Chint range of NB1 circuit breakers are available in a choice of poles, current ratings, tripping curves and breaking capacities…miniature circuit breakers (known as MCBs) can be used in Chint consumer units, Chint distribution boards or as standalone devices to provide circuit protection."

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