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The IMET Corporation Is Available for New Contract Manufacturing and Printed Circuit Board Assembly Projects

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Updated 9:31 AM CDT, Wed, July 08,2015

Southampton, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/08/2015 -- Specializing in electrical engineering, product development, prototyping, electronic assembly and more, The IMET Corporation is a Southampton, Pennsylvania based organization delivering these services to clientele nationwide. Right now, the IMET Corporation is announcing their availability to provide contract manufacturing services, including the production of printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies, for a wide variety of companies.

The IMET Corporation assists companies with product development, helping them to fully understand the relationship between business goals and the design and concept of their new product in order to create a cost efficient design strategy. They help clientele every year with concept development, component configuration assessment as well as design for manufacturability (DFM) services. Following the industrial design process, the IMET Corporation's highly-skilled team of electrical engineers apply their technological expertise to help develop a high-quality electronic system catering to the needs of their client. The IMET Corporation provides analog and digital project designs, as well as multilayer printed circuit board design/layout and all of the necessary software, firmware and much more.

After these steps are completed, the IMET Corporation's experienced mechanical engineering partner can offer solutions related to mechanical engineering. The mechanical engineering team tasks themselves with tolerance, FEA and thermal analyses as well as a design for manufacturability assessment along with complete mechanical and discrete component designs. Once the IMET Corporation completes these different steps and assessments, the Prototyping process begins.

During Prototyping, the IMET Corporation evaluates designs for turnkey, automated, and quick PCB Assembly processes. Likewise, this process includes temperature performance testing, assembly testing and part fit testing if required. As a value add, the IMET Corporation will also perform cable assembly and box builds. Before any mass manufacturing begins, the IMET Corporation provides their client with a full documentation package for their product along with a completed prototype, fully equipped with all necessary and applicable software and firmware. Once all of this is completed and the client agrees that the product 100% matches their expectations, full manufacturing can commence.

The IMET Corporation only allows the highest quality of product to leave their supervision. They want their clientele to produce something that is truly marketable. They are renowned experts in the PCB Assembly industry as well as in every aspect of electronic engineering and assembly. Reach the IMET Corporation at their Southampton, PA, headquarters at 267-288-5330, or toll-free nationwide at 866-537-2386. They also provide a contact form directly on their website where interested individuals can express questions, comments and/or concerns.

About The IMET Corporation
The IMET Corporation is a service provider to companies that employ electronics devices in their proprietary products. The company serves a variety of industries, including consumer, military, aerospace and industrial electronics products. When the appearance of a product is important, IMET can even call upon the assistance of an award-winning industrial design affiliate. In some cases, when product development may be handled by an OEM, production services may be contracted to IMET.

IMET Corp. was founded in 2000, in a rented garage. The company has undergone three major expansions and has enjoyed 400-percent growth during the height of the recent recession. Now operating in a company-owned 15,000-squarefoot facility in Southampton, PA, IMET has 25 employees and boasts the latest automated assembly machinery to achieve placement speeds to 10,500 components per hour. The resulting quality and economies account for so many clients returning from offshore manufacturing. IMET was recently was named 2014 Manufacturer of The Year by The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

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