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WeeTect Is to Publish a Research On: How Abrasion Resistant Coating Films Improve LED Lighting Performance

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Updated 8:45 PM CDT, Thu, April 07,2016

Song Jiang, Shanghai -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2016 -- WeeTect's product manager, Taylors Lei,with Goldmore lighting department manager,Kelly Chen, will publish a research conducted by the company's R&D team on "How Abrasion Resistant Coating Films Improve LED Lighting Performance". This is a comprehensive research that aims to enlighten all the key players in the LED lighting industries such as fabricators, manufacturers and consumers.

"It is through R&D that we can innovate and transform the LED lighting industry by introducing products that surpass consumers' expectations," said Taylors Lei. "WeeTect strives to empower consumers and manufacturers by availing vital information on abrasion resistant coating films."

A summary of the abrasion resistant coating film for LED light fixtures research

This is part of the research and the campaign the company launched in 2015 and a strategic plan for the year 2016. It is a continuous process that WeeTect depends on to manufacture new products in the LED industry .

The research covers the following key vital aspects:

1. An overview/detailed definition of abrasion resistance coating.
2. Basic properties and classify various types of abrasion resistant coating.
3. Qualitative analysis of performance and cost benefit analysis.
4. Economic impacts of abrasion resistant coating on LED lighting performance.

It established that, abrasion resistance coating films or hard coating are optically clear and can be manipulated to suit various industry standards. This makes them a functional component of LED systems. Moreover, with this coating, decorative designs can be incorporated in LED lighting systems easily. This reduces the manufacturing costs significantly.

WeeTect's research also expounds on different technologies adopted to improve both performance and reliability of the abrasion resistance coating in the lighting industry. For example:

1. Flexibility is designs; it allows for the design of complex shapes to meet consumer needs such as LED advertising boards.
2. Enhanced light transmission; on average, the research established that abrasion resistance coating film increase LED light transmission by about 10%. They reduce light scatter.
3. Coating reduces polycarbonate deterioration. This extends the service life of polycarbonate LED equipment.
4. The film does not affect the intrinsic properties of polycarbonates such as impact resistance, toughness, flame retardant and dimensional stability.

Implementation of research

The completion of this research paved way for WeeTect abrasion resistance coating films that will revolutionize the effectiveness and performance of LED light systems. The coating has been tested for electrical & electronics industry, automotive, aerospace, medical, advertising, etc. Irrespective of the industry, the coating guarantees the following in any LED applications:

1. Superior scratch resistance; the LED light panels remain scratch free hence maximum light transmission.
2. Improved durability of LED polycarbonate covers due to good weatharability.
3. Advanced transparency as it has low haze effects

As part of a continuing research that focuses on the future of LED lighting technology, WeeTect also welcomes further contributions. The company is also scheduled to publish more research work by its team before the end of the month.

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